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Nebraska Children and Families Foundation: Also, a Foundation for Children’s Thriving Early Years

The first three years of a child’s life are rife with neural opportunity. Throughout this time, brain synapses grow and multiply to create a foundation that serves a child for life. One of the best preventative measures we can take is dedicating ourselves to the study and practices of infant and toddler mental health. Today, we’re going to walk you through its definition, initiatives, and resources.

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COLLECTIVE IMPACT IN DAKOTA COUNTY: Everything works better when we work together

During a collaborative meeting, a  ministerial worker talked about a young man he was working with who wanted to leave gang life. From those discussions grew the creation of a three-year business plan which explores the possibility of a much

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Keeping Adverse Childhood Experiences at the center of prevention efforts

At Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, we talk a lot about prevention. How do you keep kids out of the child welfare system? Prevention. How do you curb the drop out rate and encourage success in school among kids at

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Child Abuse Prevention in Action: Fremont PIWI

PIWI (Parents Interacting With Children) is an evidence-based method to improve interactions between parents and their young children. It helps at-risk parents build the skills they need to work positively with their kids, and techniques for when things get tough.

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