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It’s Grow Time: Looking Back on Thriving Children 2019

Where do we begin? September was an incredibly busy, surprise-filled, productive month.  When we say we “thrived,” we mean we shared our mission to form connections, address challenges, and create high-quality early childcare programs.  When we say we “connected” we

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Finding Jay Wolf: Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

“I’d just like to make one thing clear; there is nothing unique about me,” said Jay Wolf. As a third-generation cattle rancher and proponent for excellent early childhood programs, Jay is occasionally seen as a non-traditional supporter. He assures us

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Federal grant will make revised parenting resource available to families with young children statewide

by Michael Medwick, First Five Nebraska – written for the Preschool Development Grant newsletter Planning for and guiding the early development of young children can be hard—even overwhelming—for many parents. This is particularly true for families with limited resources, or

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Administrator Days Presentation (July 31, 2019)

by Melody Hobson, Administrator, Office of Early Childhood Education (Nebraska Department of Education) The transition from an early childhood program into kindergarten is one of the most important and meaningful transitions a child and their family can make. Research indicates

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PDG Needs Assessment Update

by Amy Mart, Implementation Consultant, Buffett Early Childhood Institute Written for the Preschool Development Grant eNewsletter – July 2019 The PDG Needs Assessment will provide an in-depth and comprehensive view the systems that serve Nebraska’s children birth through 5. The

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by Marti Beard, Nebraska Children and Families Foundation written for the Preschool Development Grant eNewsletter – July 2019 ReadyRosie is an evidence-informed and research-based family engagement and early learning resource. All content is based on a foundation of research that has proven to have

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All Our Kin

by Shannon Cotsoradis, Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative written for the Preschool Development Grant eNewsletter – July 2019 The Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative is excited to pilot a model established by All Our Kin, a nonprofit organization based in New Haven,

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