Old Space, New Digs: Communities for Kids North Platte Team Forges Connections, Maximizes Space, and Creates a New Childcare Facility

What began as a chat at Thriving Children turned into a proposal for the Board of Education. The proposition requested that North Platte Public Schools would partner with Ladybug Crossing Early Learning Center to provide childcare.

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Early Childhood Education Programs: The Spotlight Shines on Auburn, Nebraska

Amanda Ackley, director of Kids of HIS Kingdom Childcare Center, a licensed childcare provider, and one of Sixpence Early Learning Fund’s Child Care Partners told us about the program’s benefits and key takeaways. But first, here’s a bit of background on Sixpence Early Learning Fund and its Childcare Partnerships.

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Support Helps a Driven Young Woman with Foster Care Experience Continue to Thrive

Rosa is smart and talented. She also has foster care experience. What resources did she have to support her during her first semester of college when she relapsed into mental health issues?

Bright, capable Rosa entered the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a long list of scholarships. A trauma survivor who suffers from mental health issues, Rosa’s first semester of college marked a particularly difficult time. What resources did this capable young woman have to support her?

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Early Childhood Success: Lexington, Nebraska Has a New Preschool

Early childhood programs are an ongoing issue for Nebraskan families. What has Lexington, Nebraska done to address this problem? Find out.

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PDG Program Performance Evaluation

by Kate Sutton, Research Specialist in Qualitative Methods (Buffett Early Childhood Institute) – written for the PDG quarterly eNewsletter The Program Performance Evaluation (PPE) was launched in February 2019 to evaluate the effectiveness of the state’s Preschool Development Grant Birth-5

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PDG Strategic Plan Update

by Susan Sarver, Buffett Early Childhood Institute – written for the PDG quarterly eNewsletter Preschool Development Grant (PDG) work started in the Spring of 2019 with the launch of a comprehensive needs assessment that identified strengths and gaps in Nebraska’s

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Afterschool and Summer Programs Matter – and So Do Their Partnerships

When the coalition of 8 ELO communities launched in 2013, Jennifer Jones was there to help them develop and grow partnerships. Since then the communities have grown their partners, presence, and promotional strategies. Jennifer describes her experience working directly with those communities.

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Doak Field, Director of Think Make Create Labs® Expansion, Shares His Experience

Outfitted with all kinds of STEM-rich materials, games, tools, pop-up tables and awning, BSB’s Think Make Create (TMC) Labs ® are 7-by-12-foot mobile makerspaces that become instant platforms for hands on learning for kids attending afterschool and summer programs.

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After School and Summer Programs: Beyond School Bells' Mission Rings True

Just like its name, Beyond School Bells goes beyond simply supporting quality afterschool programs. Throughout the past 17 years, this program’s driving force has been to facilitate state and local policies and practices to engage youth in hands-on learning experiences, support their families, and create safer and stronger communities across Nebraska.

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How Can We Stop Summer Learning Loss? Support Summer Learning.

By Jeff Cole, Associate Vice President of School-Community Partnerships As we ease into the break from our school year routines, enjoying the beautiful weather that has blessed Nebraska this spring, it is easy for us to forget that learning never

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Beyond School Bells Holds Annual Conference for 30 Afterschool and Summer Program Professionals

On February 10-11, Beyond School Bells hosted a meeting of 30 afterschool and summer program professionals from across Nebraska to discuss emerging trends and opportunities in our field. This annual meeting once again provided opportunities for Nebraska’s ELO leaders to come together and learn from one another and meet with their elected representatives at an informal breakfast event.

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