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Children of the Trees: Communities, Nonprofits, and Public Institutions Unite on Behalf of Nebraska-Tree-A-Thon

On Arbor Day weekend, April 24-26, youth and their communities across Nebraska participated in a statewide Tree-A-Thon to plant and celebrate trees. 

BSB kicked off the Tree-A-Thon alongside Arbor Day Foundation, Natural Resource Districts, Audubon Nebraska, Nebraska Forest Service, and The University of Nebraska. As with any major initiative, this project constituted more than just tree-planting; BSB and its partners had a larger mission in mind. 

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No Picnic: Saffron Buettner Reveals her Community’s Strategy to Deliver 175-Gallons of Milk and 175 Loaves of Bread to 70 Providers in Two Weeks

When early care providers experienced a bread and milk shortage, how did Saffron Buettner (pictured right) and her fellow community members help? Find out.  

When early care providers experienced a bread and milk shortage, how did Saffron Buettner (pictured above) and her fellow community members help? Find out.  

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Coming Clean: During COVID-19, Community Members Help Early Care Providers Find Disinfectant

Join Julie Nash of Hall County Community Collaborative as she comes clean on her hunt for a provider's much-needed disinfectant.

Despite COVID-19, many families need to work, and their children need quality care. Without childcare, there can be no essential workers. Without these essential early care workers, there can be no thriving community.

Julie Nash wholeheartedly recognizes this connection. She and her organization serve on a committee that works with children ages birth through 11 and their providers. Through the professional grapevine, Julie caught wind from Shonna Werth, Assistant Vice President of Early Childhood Programs, that a provider in St. Paul, Nebraska needed disinfectant. In fact, if this provider couldn’t find some sanitizer soon, she would have to close her doors.

Learn more about Julie’s hunt for disinfectant.

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Bring Up Nebraska Partners Working to Meet Needs: First Lady Shore, Motherboard and Generous Funders Refurbish Over 80 Computers for Families in Colfax/Platte Counties

From left to right: Representatives from Community & Family Partnership/Community Response, Motherboard, Platte Valley Literacy Association, Centro Hispano Comunitario de Nebraska, and Cargill Community Learning Center

Schuyler, Nebraska, with the help of our First Lady and other generous organizations, provided a terrific example of a community that cultivates positive change through engagement. When families in the Platte/Colfax Counties who were pursuing distance-learning were left with no available technology, the Community and Family Partnership, one of Bring Up Nebraska’s community collaboratives, reached out to its partners for assistance.

Find out what happened next.

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Collaboration in Action: Nebraska Flood Relief

When flood crisis calls, what does Community Response, a voluntary system that’s available to all youth and families, do to answer? Find out.

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Newly Released Interactive Map Puts Vital Community Data at Users’ Fingertips

ree, interactive tool, the Nebraska Community Opportunity Map, is now live, ensuring that policymakers and other stakeholders will have centralized, easy-to-navigate access to data that’s vital to making decisions about resource allocation, service delivery, emergency planning, city planning, and other critical functions.

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Breaking the cycle through Bring Up Nebraska

Article written by Lee Rettig, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. Reprinted with permission. Matthew Wallen, director of DHHS’ Division of Children and Family Services, recently helped mark one year of Bring Up Nebraska, the community collaborative organization that

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