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Early Childhood Education Programs: The Spotlight Shines on Auburn, Nebraska

Amanda Ackley, director of Kids of HIS Kingdom Childcare Center, a licensed childcare provider, and one of Sixpence Early Learning Fund’s Child Care Partners told us about the program’s benefits and key takeaways. But first, here’s a bit of background on Sixpence Early Learning Fund and its Childcare Partnerships.

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Surviving Versus Thriving: The Young Families Thrive Summit Brings Questions and Possible Solutions

“Thrive” is a word we use a lot here at Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, especially in October. Our 2019 Changemakers keynote speaker, Michael Bonner said in a recent interview, “I don’t want to survive. I want to thrive.”    During the Young Families Thrive Summit on

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Changemakers Spotlight: Get to know Ashley Rhodes-Courter

We’re looking forward to coming together on October 23 for Changemakers, our annual luncheon celebration of the hardworking people across Nebraska who are helping children bloom. And this year, we’re pleased to welcome keynote speaker Ashley Rhodes-Courter — author, speaker, and

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Scaling up: Expanding What Works to create more change for more children

By Mary Kate Gulick, Vice President Everyone loves a new idea. An untested innovation. Something that no one has ever done before. Really, it’s only human nature. But in the business of social change, this fixation on breaking new ground may do more harm than good. The

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Panhandle Partnership honored at UpPour

At UpPour 2014, The Panhandle Partnership for Health and Human Services received the Mike Yanney Community Award for their powerful work on behalf of Western Nebraska’s children and families over the last 15 years. Founded in 1998, the Panhandle Partnership is

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York Child Well Being conversations

Key community stakeholders in York recently met with Nebraska Children to begin the process of becoming a Child Well Being Community. This process, which starts with a thorough analysis of child well being data and a service array assessment, would

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Collective Impact 101: Training for Nebraska’s communities

  Nebraska Children partnered with The Peter Kiewit Foundation, The Sherwood Foundation, the Iowa West Foundation and the Lincoln Community Foundation to bring FSG to Nebraska to train on Collective Impact. What’s Collective Impact and who’s FSG? Collective Impact is

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