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Connected Youth Initiative and COVID-19: A Domestic Abuse Survivor Steps into Brighter Times

How did a young mother'and domestic abuse survivor's resolve and Connected Youth Initiative help her move into brighter times?

As we search for light in dark corners, we must acknowledge the struggles, strengths and triumphs of these youth. Each one has a different story; each one is capable of being remarkably successful, sometimes with a little support from CYI’s resources.

Recently, one young mother’s story arrives at a welcome time. Although her experience was not easy, and was perhaps exacerbated by the coronavirus, we are glad that she was resourceful and resilient enough to ask for assistance, and that CYI was there to help. Read this young woman’s story.

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Surviving Versus Thriving: The Young Families Thrive Summit Brings Questions and Possible Solutions

“Thrive” is a word we use a lot here at Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, especially in October. Our 2019 Changemakers keynote speaker, Michael Bonner said in a recent interview, “I don’t want to survive. I want to thrive.”    During the Young Families Thrive Summit on

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How’s Nebraska doing at keeping babies safe from SUID?

“My mom put me on my stomach when I was a baby, and I turned out fine.” Yes, many of us turned out fine. We also survived our parents smoking while pregnant and just letting us roll around in the

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Katie and David: A case study

 Katie and David participated in the Young Parent Program through Crete High School. This program, which is funded through the Sixpence Early Learning Fund, provides parenting classes for teenagers, high-quality child care for the babies and, most critically, one-on-one home

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