Early Childhood Rooted in Relationships’ Communities Support Childcare Facilities During COVID-19 Crisis

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many child care centers and family homes are still open and operating while following CDC guidelines, but worry about sustainability.

Rooted in Relationships has heard from child care centers and family homes that the loss of subsidy with few children attending is very difficult and will need to close within two weeks-month if things do not change. If they do have to close, there is uncertainty about their ability to reopen. Child care workers across the country are essential employees, as they are caring for the children of doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, and other essential professionals.

All across the state, communities participating in the Rooted in Relationships initiative have been rallying together to serve child care centers and family home providers during COVID-19. Provider collaboration groups that were formed prior to the pandemic are changing their meeting structure and pulling together virtually to support one another and the families they serve.

Rooted Coaches are even finding creative ways to use technology to connect with providers to encourage them and provide resources. Some providers have expressed not being able to purchase enough supplies, and because coaches are not able to travel to providers, they are reallocating their travel expenses to provide additional support.

The Rooted in Relationships team appreciates and acknowledges all early childhood professionals and their dedication to supporting children and families. The work that these essential professionals are providing during this national crisis is invaluable.

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