6 critical benefits of home visiting programs

Since the 1970s, home visitation programs across the country have been studied, examined and reported on. A recent review of literature by the Pew Center on the States brings to light the results of high-quality home visitation.

Here’s what the studies show:

  1. Home visitation programs that focus on prenatal health reduce low birth-weight and infant mortality, as well as the astronomical costs to states associated with premature birth.
  2. Mothers who participate in home visits were shown to have more positive and supportive interactions  with their children
  3. Home visitation programs produced a significant improvement in parenting behaviors
  4. Children who participated in home visits were less likely to end up in the emergency room or to need treatment for accidents
  5. Years after participation in programs, children were showing higher cognitive and vocabulary skills, grade point averages, and math and reading scores
  6. Parents who participated were more likely to be employed by the child’s fourth birthday, were less likely to use public assistance, and more likely to have an involved father in the child’s life

Read the full Pew case paper here. 

Look at home visitation case studies in Crete, Lexington and Plattsmouth.


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