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The state of child maltreatment in Nebraska

Child abuse and neglect in Nebraska doesn’t just affect the child. The long-term effects follow a child into adulthood, leading to long-term health problems, emotional issues and increased risks for drug use and other high-risk behaviors. It is important to note that these numbers

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Why prevention matters to all of us: The long-term effects of child abuse to our kids and our culture

Part of the belief that whether a parent abuses a child is that family’s personal “business” is the failure to admit that the outcome of abuse affects all of us. How? Countless obvious ways . . . and some that

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Child Abuse Prevention in Action: Fremont PIWI

PIWI (Parents Interacting With Children) is an evidence-based method to improve interactions between parents and their young children. It helps at-risk parents build the skills they need to work positively with their kids, and techniques for when things get tough.

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Perception is the enemy of prevention.

April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month. And the good news is that most people are already aware that child abuse is a problem. But when you’ll ask people about child abuse and neglect, you’ll usually get one of two

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