Pre-Perfect Pour Stir: 8 Questions with Bartender Phil Athy

Phil Athy, bartender at Mercury, is one of our talented Perfect Pour finalists. Purchase Perfect Pour tickets by March 9 here.

1: When did you fall in love with bartending as a profession?

When I needed to pay rent.

2: If you could be drinking Avión Tequila anywhere in the world, where would you be, how would you be drinking it, and with whom?

With my cat, eating fish tacos on a beach.

3: What excites you most about your cocktail for Perfect Pour?

It’s cereal milk and tequila; what more is there?

4: Tell us your favorite bar joke/pun/response:

A horse walks into a bar and the bartender asks, “Why the long face?”

5: If you could choose a profession second to bartending/hospitality, what would it be?


6: How would you describe Avión Añejo to a customer who’s never had tequila before?

Have you ever tasted the first ray of sunshine as it cascades across an apple orchard on a crisp, late summer morn? Do you remember your first kiss? Avión Añejo is all of that and everything in between.

7: What’s the strangest food or cocktail experience you’ve ever had? Would you wish it upon anyone else?

Bourbon with an au jus chaser. Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!

8: Bartenders are the best brand ambassadors for their local industry! In your opinion, what makes the cocktail scene in Omaha special?

Its accessibility. There are a ton of businesses turning out great products. You just got to figure out which direction you want to take it and sink your teeth in.

Purchase Perfect Pour Tickets by March 9 here

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