Pre-Perfect Pour Stir: 8 Questions with Bartender Deion Bass

Deion Bass, bartender at Howard & Fine, is one of our talented Perfect Pour finalists!
Tickets are on sale, and we can’t wait to see you! Purchase Perfect Pour Tickets by March 9 here.

1: When did you fall in love with bartending as a profession?

The people I get to meet as a result. All the cool stories! I get to hear it all!

2: If you could be drinking Avión Tequila anywhere in the world, where would you be, how would you be drinking it, and with whom?

I think I’d be in Puerto Vallarta with Ken Austin and Alejandro Lopez, drinking…[Avión Tequila] while picking their brains on the beach.

3: What excites you most about your cocktail for Perfect Pour? 

I’m really excited to showcase my love for blue agave! I can’t tell you how many time I had some of my most memorable [drinks], and they started with Avión Añejo! 

4: Tell us your favorite bar joke/pun/response:

I tend to “WINE” a lot.

5: If you could choose a profession second to bartending/hospitality, what would it be?

I think I would be an attorney for the less fortunate. 

6: How would you describe Avión Añejo to a customer who’s never had tequila before?

How do you call something a golden agave dreamscape in spanish? hmmmmmm. “Un paisaje de ensueño de agave dorado.” 

7: What’s the strangest food or cocktail experience you’ve ever had? Would you wish it upon anyone else?

I really don’t know! I’ve eaten some of everything. Maybe nickels and grass …I used to watch Popeye as a kid and thought grass was spinach. Looking back….nope, wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I have no idea what my rationale behind eating nickels would have been, but I’m sure 8-year-old me had his reasons. 🙂

8: Bartenders are the best brand ambassadors for their local industry! In your opinion, what makes the cocktail scene in Omaha special?

This scene is special to me because of its competitive comradery. We compete but we also support, and that’s the key to growth. It makes this market a special place! Can’t tell you how many times people have been somewhere I’m working and [have] just been in awe of how great a cocktail scene we are. 

Purchase Perfect Pour Tickets by March 9 here

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