by Marti Beard, Nebraska Children and Families Foundation
written for the Preschool Development Grant eNewsletter – July 2019

ReadyRosie is an evidence-informed and research-based family engagement and early learning resource. All content is based on a foundation of research that has proven to have a positive impact on family behaviors and child outcomes. ReadyRosie is a multifaceted, innovative program that supports schools, childcare programs and others working with families of young children in optimizing family engagement.

ReadyRosie is made up of the following core components:

  • Implementation Readiness: ReadyRosie works with each provider to determine readiness to implement the program, and recommend customized supports.
  • Professional Development: ReadyRosie provides a range of customizable professional development (PD) opportunities around program use, implementation, and family engagement content, in both live and online formats to support school needs.
  • Family Workshops: ReadyRosie provides a flexible series of six in-person family workshops that they can customize to best fit their context.
  • Home Learning Curriculum: The ReadyRosie program provides an innovative Modeled Moments video program, which includes 1000+ videos in English and Spanish that are delivered to families via text, email and/or app and can be shared to align with classroom objectives.

ReadyRosie provides schools, teachers, and families support across content and interactions. Families are able to access content in ways that fit their unique needs, both via in person workshops, and the home learning curriculum. Schools and teachers can tailor these interactions based on child, family, classroom, and school needs.

The following Nebraska communities will be involved: Red Cloud, Lexington, Keith County, Gothenburg, Grand Island, Stuart, Boone County, Norfolk, Nebraska City, Pender, North Platte, Schuyler, York, Lincoln, Omaha, and Winnebago. The project will support 302 classrooms and impact up to 4,514 children.

Training for ReadyRosie was held July 15-17 in the following locations.

July 15 – Lincoln

July 16 – Kearney

July 17 – Norfolk

Implementation will start mid-July with the sign up period for families taking place from July 15-October 15 .

Nebraska Children's mission is to maximize the potential of Nebraska’s children, youth, and families through collaboration and community-centered impact.

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