Lincoln collaboration releases Vital Signs community research report


More than 400 community leaders attended a community breakfast this morning to learn more about Lincoln Vital Signs. This study has been a two year collaborative effort with leaders of Lincoln’s public, private and philanthropic organizations. To get a more comprehensive understanding of Lincoln’s strengths and challenges, many sources of information have been brought together in this new research tool.

Vital Signs 2014 is now available online. View and download the full report now  at

The breakfast presentation of Lincoln Vital signs will have multiple broadcasts through mid-February on Channel 5 City TV and is available for viewing on the city’s video on demand.

It is our hope that this study will be a starting point for conversation and connection toward the common goal of ensuring that Lincoln continues to be a vibrant city that provides a high quality of life for all residents. Community discussions are planned for later this spring. Please sign up on the website so we can keep you informed and invite you to participate.

Be Informed. Get Involved.

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