What will the 13 new Sixpence grantees do with their funding?

Sixpence Early Learning Fund - nebraska early childhood education

The latest round of grants awards from the Sixpence Early Learning Fund were recently released. A blend of public and private funds went to a 13 Nebraska early childhood education projects, to serve nearly 300 at-risk babies and toddlers. Here’s how they’re planning to use it.

Winnebago Public Schools

WPS will use its grant to serve 16 infants and toddlers in two classrooms through a center-based program in partnership with Educare Winnebago.  Services will be provided at the Little Hill Child Development Center  until December 31, 2013 when  the program will move into the new Educare center. The program will kickoff with $19,141 in start-up money, and use $150,000 in operating costs to turn the proposal into reality. The community will be matching the grant with an investment of $192,693.

Crete Public Schools

Crete will receive $75,000 in operating costs, plus $24,780 in start-up money  to continue and enhance its successful Sixpence Family Engagement Program.  This new funding will allow Crete to add 8-10 new infant and toddlers, with a focus on reaching the Spanish speaking population in Crete. The community will be matching the grant with $75,000 of its own.

 Loup City Public Schools

Loup City will expand its current Sixpence Family Engagement Program with 8-10 new children, birth to age 3. With $75,000 in operating money money, plus $6,260 in kickoff funds, the expanded program will seek to provide high quality early childhood education to rural Sherman County. The community is providing $76,054 in matched funds.

 Lincoln Public School-Educare

This grantee will use $75,000 in funding to expand one classroom at Educare for 8 infants and another $75,000 to enhance six Early Head Start infant and toddler classrooms to meet the Sixpence guidelines, to serve a total of 56 new children. $25,000 start-up money is also included in the grant. Among the improvements to be made are hiring a teacher aide and family engagement specialist, as well as providing ongoing professional development to ensure high quality. LPS has contributed $150,000 in matching funds.

Lincoln Public Schools-Cedars

LPS will serve an additional 28 children with an operating award of $150,000, plus $25,000 in start-up money and local matching funds of $150,000. This project will expand current center-based classroom at Lincoln High to include a new full-day toddler classroom serving 8 children.  It will also expand the family engagement program to serve 20 additional infants and toddlers through a partnership with CEDARS using Healthy Families America Curriculum. Priority will be given to teen parent who have either graduated or have dropped out of school.  

Schuyler Public Schools

The grantee will serve 15 children through family engagement using Save the Children Early Steps to School Success Model and 10 children through CNCS Early Head Start.  Schuyler will start with $25,000 and fund ongoing operations with $150,000 in grant funding. The community has contributed $153,941 in matching funds.

 York Public Schools

York will expand its currently funded Sixpence Family Engagement Program by 15 children and target the growing Hispanic population. The community will receive $25,000 in project kickoff funds, plus $150,000 to fund ongoing operations. The community has contributed matching funds of $184,133.

Columbus Public Schools

This grantee will serve 30 children through family engagement using Save the Children and Early Steps to School Success within the city limits. The $25,000 in project kickoff money and $140,000 of operating costs will cover currently funded positions and add an additional home visitor. The Columbus community has invested $144,371 in matching funds.

Fremont Public Schools

Fremont will serve an additional 15 children by doubling the currently funded program. Total funding from Sixpence is $180,080 over two years, plus $81,470 in local matching funds.

 Lexington Public Schools

This grantee will have $17,000 in project start-up funds, plus $149,451  in operating dollars to serve 30 children through family engagement. The program will use Save the Children Early Steps to School Success. This grant will cover a currently funded position and add an additional home visitor. The community supplied $149,451 in matching funds.

Kearney Public Schools

Kearney will serve 12 children through a center-based toddler classroom in the Kearney Early Childhood Center. Sixpence is providing $149,906 in operating dollars, plus  $25,000 to start the project. KPS is also providing matching funds of $153,813.

Scottsbluff Public Schools

This program will use $150,000 in operating dollars plus $25,000 in start-up cash funds to serve 30 infants and toddlers through family engagement services. The community is contributing $208,875 in local matching funds.

Omaha Public Schools

OPS will expand its currently funded Sixpence center-based program at Educare of Omaha by adding 16 children. This program is offered full-day all year round. Sixpence is providing $150,000 in operating costs and OPS is matching it with $150,000 of its own.

More funding is available.

These 13 awards were the first round of grants for this year. Sixpence will be accepting applications for the second round starting August. Here’s the application schedule:

August 1 – Request for Proposal Released
August 15 – Bidder’s Conference (Mandatory)
August 30– Letters of Intent Due
October 9 – Applications Due
October 14-25 – Review Process
November 13 – Selection of Grantees (Trustee Meeting)
December 1 – Notify Grantees
January 1, 2014 -Grant Term Begins (for expansion grants and new grants)
March 1, 2014 – Deadline for new grants to become operational


Nebraska Children's mission is to maximize the potential of Nebraska’s children, youth, and families through collaboration and community-centered impact.

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