Two sisters. One great weekend at Camp Catch-Up

sisters at Camp Catch-Up

Tiffany and her sister Kayli enjoying some quality time together at Camp Catch-Up

This weekend, Rivercrest Camp hosted Camp Catch-Up. This unique camp reunites brothers and sisters who have been separated by foster care or adoptive placements.

Tiffany Cheval and her biological sister Kayli Naeve have attended the camp for the last few years. “We’ve only seen each other twice since last year,” said Tiffany. The girls spent three days together swimming, hiking, crafting and reconnecting. When we talked to them on day 1, they had already enjoyed the water slide and a good hike. Tiffany and Kayli look forward to the Camp Catch-Up all year long.

There’s still time to volunteer at one of the other camps scheduled for this summer. Find out more at

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