The Resilience of Youth – Part I: Kris and Tay’s story

A few months ago, we posted a video discussing the disastrous outcomes that plague so many youth who age out of foster care.  The statistics are clear . . . the outlook is grim.

But when you add support into the mix? The outlook changes drastically.

While Nebraska’s youth still age out of foster care at age 19, those lucky enough to have support – either from a foster family, friends or a program like Project Everlast – do go on to find permanency. An apartment. A job. A community of people who care about them, that they can tap when life throws them a curve ball. In short, finding support will help youth make the transition to adulthood, even if they’ve been through a lot.

Kris is a perfect example.

She experienced most of the statistics we worry about with youth aging out of foster care. She had a baby very young. She was hard-pressed to find employment. She dropped out of college. She and Tay were even homeless for a while.

But she found support. Now she has a home, a job and a plan.

And that’s what all young people deserve. It’s the platform required to realize potential and become the kind of adult Nebraska needs. Kris found support and bounced back from her past.

So many other youth could do the same if they had better access to support. How can our communities help provide it?

Nebraska Children's mission is to maximize the potential of Nebraska’s children, youth, and families through collaboration and community-centered impact.

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